Course Guide

Before you begin your introduction course, this will guide you through what is required for completion of the course before you start your work with Ochre Health.

1) Go to Electronics Results Management Course.
2) Scroll down until you get to the PDF'S & Reading Materials.
3) You can read the policy but it is optional.
4) Complete the following readings: (Reading Materials) Process and Policy for Delivering Patient Results (Compulsory).
5) Complete "Post Course Quiz (Compulsory)''.
6) After Completing the Post Course Quiz you will be required to  Submit the "I Acknowledge that i have read and understood the Ochre Health Policy, that i have completed the Post Course Quiz and Acknowledged the statement that was granted after completion of the post course quiz.

(Note: Once you submit the Acknowledgement you will receive an email stating you have completed the Electronics Results Management Course, you are ready to commence work with Ochre Health). 

(Note: The Completion email can then be used as evidence to show your Practice Manager that you have completed the course.

If you have any enquiries with your login details, or in regards to the course please contact jarryd from Sydney office